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Why I support We Heart Deer Park.


We started "We Heart Deer Park" as a way to meet needs within our community right where they live. It is an opportunity for local pastors and their congregations to join together in serving our neighbors without any strings attached. 

Our focus is on the Elementary Schools while the Green House focuses on the Middle and High School students who have school supply needs. One of the biggest benefits to this event is the opportunity to meet and mingle with 700 to almost 1,000 from our community in a matter of 2 hours! As a Christian and a Pastor I want to know my community, and be known by them as well, outside of my pulpit or church. If our unchurched neighbors don't know us, or see us as a regular part of our community, then why should they trust what we have to say? As "Local (Christian) Churches Serving Local Families" working together, we begin to, in effect, "Pastor" our community for the sake of God's glory and In Jesus' Name! We welcome all Bible-based Christian Churches and their leadership to join us in sponsoring this time of simply giving to our community! We have a lot of fun doing it too!

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Friday, 23 October 2020

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